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Miami AC Maintenance


Your air conditioner needs an annual professional, top-of-the-line, tune-up.

As with most machines, you need to keep up and maintain your AC in good working conditions with regular checkups to avoid repeated repairs. Call Friendly AC today to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment to service your air conditioner right away, keeping your cooling equipment running smoothly.

Air Conditioner Maintenance


Friendly A/C will trustfully handle any and all maintenance and tune-up services to your air conditioner unit. You can call us confidently knowing that we are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to handle all of your air conditioner maintenance needs.


Our trained AC technicians are certified professionals that can count on to handle vast issues with your HVAC systems.

Friendly A/C staff will help you schedule regular preventive maintenance services to ease your mind. We will ensure that your air conditioner is up to par and ready to handle the heat. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your AC annually keeping you and your family cool and comfortable in your home or office during South Florida's hot & humid summer days.

Unfortunately, we tend to take our air conditioner for granted. We keep it at the back of our minds until it breaks down and we find ourselves flustered. That dreadful moment with your AC breaks down and needs repairs can cost a lot more than you initially expect. It is essential to keep your system working at its max capacity to avoid it malfunctioning in the height of summer with simple air conditioning maintenance.

At Friendly A/C, our staff pride ourselves on prioritizing our customers! We are punctual, reliable, and respectful.

We will answer and address any and all of your questions and concerns during our maintenance visit.


Upon arrival, your Friendly A/C staff will perform a thorough assessment to identify whether your air conditioning system is operating at its max capacity or requires any tune-ups. The technicians will offer immediate feedback on the status of your unit and any suggestions they have to help improve the efficiency and quality of your unit


Our technician will also:

• Change your air filter
• Clear any congestion to your drain and tray
• Ensure your thermostat is properly working
• Check the current and voltage of your AC's blower motor and fans
• Clean the air handler and system fans
• Inspect the air plenum for loose duct connections and leaks
• Adjust all belts
• Lubricate pulleys

• Tighten any loose components and look for worn parts.

• Complete a safety check for gas-burning heaters.

• Perform a thorough inspection of ALL your equipment.

Air Conditioner Maintenance


• Replace or clean standard filter / clean return air grill

if accessible (homeowner must supply filter)

• Check Freon pressure and levels, ensuring your system is efficient and accurate

• Inspect electrical wiring and connections, ensuring the 

safey and correct electrical current draws

• Visually inspect the drain and pump
Protects your home from potential water damage

and protects system operation

• Check the thermostat and replace the batteries if necessery,
confirming proper programming to save energy

• Inspect contactor for pits and burns


• Prevents any cooling system failures

• Check fan blades for cracks and defects
Protects system operation and can help reduce unwanted noise

• Inspect and lubricate fan motor if required
Maintains fan motor operation and noise reduction

• Check amp draw on compressor
Protects “the heart of the system” and ensures correct operation

• Inspect drain safety overflow switch if present
Prevents water leaks and flooding

• Check insulation on Freon lines at coil and condenser,
protecting the line set and aides in total system operation

• Check indoor coil for visible leaks
Reduces the likelihood of system failure and reduced efficiency

• Inspect the all indoor air quality devices, reducing dust and
keeping your home healthy.


Air conditioners are fairly simple to operate, however, they require regular service & maintenance to keep them working smoothly and efficiently. Procrastinating and neglecting to preform necessary maintenance on a regular schedule will reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of your AC unit, and increase your energy usage.  

Remember the following tips:

Change Your Filters

It is key to routinely replace or clean your filters as a home owner. A simple act of maintanece can truly save your AC system. You usually need to replace your filter prior to each season. However, if you have pets and a lot of dust in your home you may need to replace it more often. A clogged filter can cause your air conditioner to stop running. Avoid these unexpected malfunctions by always replacing your filter.

Get An Annual Inspection

It is imperative to have your air conditioner inspected professionaly  prior to the peak of each summer. An annual inspection can help keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the hot and humid days. Proper maintenance extends the life span of your cooling system and maintains its efficiency. In many scenerios, is also helps you avoid losing your manufacturer warranty.

Clean Up Debris

Regularly check up and remove debris around your outdoor air condidnioning unit. Clearing off branches, leaves, grass, and weeds around the system maximizes the  airflow. If you live in an area where there are a lot of cottonwood trees you may need to watch for cotton getting in the condenser.

Air Conditioner Repair and Service_edited.jpg


Extend the lifespan of your air conditioner – air conditioning systems are expensive. Protect your investment and keep your home as cool and comfortable throughout the years in your home. 

Take regular care of your system by getting your ducts cleaned, and ensure that all of the moving parts are in working condition.

Avoid unexpected malfunctions – most of the repairs we see causing air conditioners to shut down or stop cooling altogether, are due of lack of maintenance. The last thing you want is to your air conditioner fail when temps rise in South Florida hitting up to 100 degrees.

Enhanced Efficiency – When your AC is kept in prime condition, you can trust it will work better when you need it and rely on it most. Increased efficiency requires regular maintenance performed on a routine basis and for the air filter to be cleaned consistently.

Enhanced Comfort – When an AC unit is working properly, it allows you to feel cooler in your home compared to the heat outside. Apart from just the heat, a properly working air conditioner can keep dust particles from entering a room. Such particles cause all sorts of issues, from allowing allergies to flare up, to allowing asthma symptoms to get worse.

Fewer Malfunctions & Breakdowns – Schedule routine maintenance services for a skilled professional to  examin your AC system for you. This allows the technician to find small, easy fixes that can help you avoid costly repairs or breakdowns later on.

Maintain your warranty – Air conditioning brands like Carrier, Trane, and others require you to have your AC unit regularly serviced and maintained by or they  voids the warranty coverage claiming negligence. 

Other Benefits:

• A long lifespan for your system

• Reduced frequent of emergency repairs

• Better cooling & heating power

• Reduced energy costs, saving you money

• Better indoor air quality

• A comfortable & cozy home environment ​

• A substantial decrease of your utility bills

• Extend the life and efficiancy of your equipment

• Avoid unexpected malfuntions and repairs

• Protect and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty

Miami AC Maintenance


Call us today at Friendly A/C to conduct a one-time or routine AC Maintenance service. Remember,  regular tune-ups are an investment worth making.  Contact us via phone or online to book your maintenance appointment today!  

Contact Friendly A/C Duct Cleaning Today and Schedule your consultation appointment.

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