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7 Questions to Ask Your Potential HVAC Repair Company

Are you looking for reliable HVAC services? Click here for seven questions you should ask your potential HVAC repair company.

Routine HVAC maintenance can extend the life of an AC unit to over 15 years. With the right HVAC services, you can catch any issues before the unit breaks down. You could notice a change in your energy bills, too.

Before requesting HVAC services, make sure to find an HVAC repair company you can trust. Here are seven questions to ask during your search. Asking these questions will ensure you find an experienced, professional team.

Read on to discover how to find the best HVAC company in town today!

1. How Long Have You Operated?

There are now over 122,600 HVAC contractors across the US. The industry could grow within the next year, too. Not every HVAC professional has operated in the industry for over a decade, though.

During your search, ask each HVAC company how long they've run and operated. Consider how long each technician has worked within the industry, too. Look for a team with years of hands-on experience fixing a variety of HVAC problems.

You can feel more confident choosing an experienced team. These teams will have an easier time troubleshooting issues with your unit.

They'll know how to run efficiently, too. Instead of wasting your time, they can diagnose the problem and determine the best solution.

Consider the specific issue you're experiencing with your unit. Ask the company if they've helped clients resolve the same problem in the past. If they have, ask how they would recommend fixing your unit.

It's also important to find a team that goes beyond fixing HVAC problems. Ask the company if they can take preventative measures to help you avoid future HVAC issues, too. For example, perhaps they can improve the unit's energy efficiency.

Improving the unit's energy efficiency and overall performance can minimize wear and tear. Keeping components from wearing down can extend the lifespan of your unit.

These companies will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

2. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Make sure each company on your list has their credentials in order. Determine if the company is licensed and insured. Confirm that they're licensed to work on residential and commercial properties, too.

If the company's license isn't up-to-date, remove them from your list. They could put your family's well-being at risk. They might also make faulty repairs, which could diminish the value of your property.

Ask the company if you can see proof of their license. If they're not willing to show it to you, keep searching.

Make sure the company is insured, too. They should have general liability and worker's compensation insurance. General liability protects your interests if the company damages your property.

Worker's compensation insurance, on the other hand, will protect you if someone is hurt on the job.

Finding a licensed and insured company will protect your best interests if there's an incident.

3. What Services Do You Offer?

Ask each company about the different HVAC services they offer, too.

A team with well-rounded skill sets and knowledge should offer a variety of services based on your needs. For example, they might provide HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services. Determine if the company offers any specialty services, too.

Specialty services might include indoor air quality inspections or duct cleaning.

Try to find a company that also offers HVAC maintenance services. They can help extend the lifespan of your unit by ensuring its energy efficiency.

Finding a company that offers a mix of the services you need can give you peace of mind for the future. Regardless of what happens with your HVAC unit, you'll know you can trust the same company every time.

4. Can You Provide References?

Request references and reviews from each company on your list, too. Otherwise, check the company's BBB listing and Google Business profile. Read a few reviews from each resource.

References and reviews can help you determine if the company meets your expectations. It can also help you determine which companies to prioritize or avoid. If you find a number of complaints against a business, remove them from your list.

Instead, look for an HVAC company other locals already trust.

5. What Systems Are You Familiar With?

You can also ask each team about the HVAC systems they're already familiar with. Determine if they've worked on your unit make and model in the past. If they're unfamiliar with the unit, they might not have the expertise necessary to make the right repairs.

They might not have access to any parts they'll need to replace, either.

6. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Ask each company if they offer a guarantee for their services. If they do, determine what's included under their guarantee or warranty. Finding a company that offers a guarantee will give you peace of mind. If the unit breaks down again after they leave, you won't have to pay again for help. Instead, you can rely on a company that prioritizes their customers.

7. What's Covered in Your Quote?

Before narrowing down your options, ask at least three local companies for a quote. Ask what's included with their estimate, too. For example, most companies will determine their quote based on labor and materials.

Asking more than one company for a quote will give you a chance to shop around. You can gauge the average price for HVAC services in the area. If someone's pricing seems too high or low, determine why that is.

For example, you might pay an additional fee for a rush job or a more experienced team.

Find the Best HVAC Repair Company in Town Today

Don't make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced HVAC professional. Instead, use these tips to find the best HVAC repair company in town. Asking these questions will ensure you find the most qualified team for the job.

With their help, you can improve your unit's energy efficiency and keep it running properly year-round.

Need help with your unit? We're here for you.

Schedule a service with our team today to get started.

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